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Save the eyesight of premature babies! Join now!

Assistance to Premature Babies and Their Families Providence is engaged in financing emergency operations for premature babies.

Foundation’s mission is to save the sight of premature babies

Recently, more and more children in Russia are being born prematurely. Such children have the risk
of remaining blind due to a terrible disease.
This disease is retinopathy, or a disorder in the development of the retina. It develops in the first
in the first months of baby’s life. If treatment does not start on time, the retina exfoliates, and the newborn
loses sight forever.
The most effective and safest way to save a child’s sight is inhibitor injection CEFR. Time presses
and this operation is not paid from the compulsory medical insurance fund of the population.

About founders

The foundation was established by Andrey and Elena the Osipovs in July 2018. In 2016, they themselves faced retinopathy after the premature birth of their own child. Baby was lucky. Injection of a VEGF inhibitor that treats retinopathy saved the child’s eyesight.
Their successful experience and desire to help families in such a situation was the reason they organized the fund “Providence”.

About the disease

Retinopathy of prematurity is a disease leading to blindness.

Time from discovering the diagnosis to the operation should take no more than 72 hours.
Otherwise the child loses sight.

Therefore, it is important to operate it quickly. The cost of the operation the introduction of a VEGF
inhibitor varies from 160,000 to 300,000 rubles. It is from 2500$ to 3100$

About the main task

The main task of the Foundation is to save the eyesight of children. The fund finances emergency operations for premature babies:

  • The introduction of a VEGF inhibitor in the SPC named after V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky in Moscow.
  • Ophthalmological operations (organ-preserving) in the Children’s City Hospital No. 19 named after K.A. Raukhfus in St. Petersburg.

About the problem

An important direction of our work is informational, psychological and spiritual support. So the

Foundation organized the hotline by calling 8-985-431-56-76 and chat support for parents in WhatsApp + 7-905-564-07-99

The book “You are not alone” is published. It’s a diary of premature baby’s mother, A. Zorina.

Hotline Tasks:

  • Psychological support for mothers of premature babies, prevention of family breakdown by reduction of parents’ depression;
  • Remote medical advice, treatment tactics for retinopathies (project in Instagram @retinopathy_of_prematurity)
  • Spreading important and useful information for families with premature babies;
  • The organization of material assistance with clothing, children’s accessories, etc. for families with
    premature babies (“Boutique of Goodness” project on Instagram @ hand_by_hand8);
  • The opportunity to talk on the phone with the priest